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Are you in a place in your life that just doesn't seem to agree with you? It even seems to be foreign at times. Often feeling empty, unfulfilled, unstable, uncertain, underpaid, often misunderstood, misplaced, out out-of place, in your home, on your job, in your church, in the midst of friends and nothing seems to fit? Far too often things work against you rather than for you? What is this uneasiness, this emptiness this void or hollow place in your life? A job with no joy, a pay check with no peace, a family with no future; feeling like a ship with no destination? A train with no station in mind or a plane with no airport to land? It's like a bad dream--- a nightmare! How often have you told yourself it is O.K, it is going to get better, or it will work out, change is on the way, but it has not happened yet! What is the real problem? You know deep down in your heart that every detail----every phase of your life should be better. Just think, you carefully planned your life, went to school to get a degree for this, planned this marriage, had these kids, used to love this job, moved there on purpose in that house, purschased this bedroom suite on purpose, in that house and still no rest. Chose these friends, used to have fun with them all the time and now it's all wrong. Just stop where you are and recommit yourself to God!  Ask Him to get involved in your life again, so you can live your dream and be fulfilled in life. Thus, making a difference living life with meaning and passion and finally realizing that God will continually fulfill a little more of your dream until it comes to pass. Somewhere in time, like most people, you abandoned and walked away from God's dreams for your life. Many things go bad with the wrong people, bad timing, wrong choices, broken focus, and ignorance of purpose produce a life of total uncertainty. Life's hardships are a part of God's perfect plan for your life and dreams. God is working on us and preparing us for our purpose through multiple processes. At the time God gave you a dream or vision, you were not ready for them. Subsequently, the wrong people came into the picture and became a distraction to who God is and what He was doing in your life. You see, when you stop believing in what you could not see, it became easy to abandon it and walk away. Don't let what your eyes see----or  can't see determine what your heart believes. It is time to turn back to God. In spite of what went wrong, let the Holy Spirit birth a fresh start in you that will rekindle the fire inside of you to obey God's will for your life.


Be Blessed,


Apostle Jeffery Thrash


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