The Vision

Vision is the ability to anticipate, imagine, or foresee experiences and developments that move along destiny's course.

As the vision unfolds, people of God will be able to develop sharper vision as we walk destiny's course. You will develop an ability to discrern between things God wants you to achieve and things you should avoid. We must avoid anything that the Spirit of God doesn't lead us to do. Nothing should be done outside of God's will for our lives. The purpose of Goodwill Church Ministries International is to present the gospel of the Kingdom of God to hurting, lost, and broken people of the world. We are equipped by God to assist  in  helping people to discover their God-given purpose and to know fully the plan and will of God for themselves and their families. We have been called by God to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry and edifying of the body of Christ. This is acheived by enlightening and empowering the hearts of those who sit in bondage in the house of God, who are desperate and without hope, embrassed, discouraged, rejected, overlooked, left out, broken, and barren. We believe that the word of God will supply the fulfillment that is needed in every life. With the Holy Spirit as our guide, we will provide biblical principles, healing, and stability to a sin-infested, bruised, and broken generation. The overall goal is to serve God with a spirit of excellence reflecting Christ's love for the church. We must rise to the call of God as we enter this new millennium. The vision must be clear! As the 21st century church, we must get ready to receive the end time harvest that will bring Jesus back again. The church must cleanse herself of every blemish, spot, and wrinkle. Thus, positioning herself to receive a greater anointing for healing, deliverance, salvation, and prosperity. In the last days, only those who are ready and willing to be used by God will cause change to come. God is saying so much! Are you listening?


God Has Called Us To:

  • To minister health, healing, restoration to the hurting people of this day

  • To train and instruct children in the ways of God's Word

  • To change the climate of this community, city, and state at large

  • To empower and instruct the people of God to a higher quality of life

  • To minister the good news of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  • To build up the Body of Christ through the local church

  • To build a Ministry Center where lives can be transformed

  • To build a Recreational Center

  • To build homes for widows and senior citizens

  • To build multiple sanctuaries to praise and worship God

  • To own and manage businesses in this community

  • To leave an inheritance for the next generation

  • To warn men and women of the Lord's return

The church, in essence, is not an organization, but rather an organism. It is not dead, heartless, or weak but a living, breathing, lifegiving, dynamic organism designed to deliver the life of God and the nature of His Kingdom on earth. Just as our natural body is an organism needing organization of multiple parts to maximize it's potential to function effectively and efficiently, so is the Body of Christ (Believers). Every part of your body is organized and appropriately placed, yet the organization is only a means to an end, not an end in itself. When the organization becomes more important than the organism, the organism will suffocate and die. God wants to organize but not be an organization. THE CHURCH IS NOT AN ORGANIZATION!


Bible Study every Wednesday at 12p & 6:30p

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